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Complete Shower Essentials Set

Complete Shower Essentials Set

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Meet our complete essentials set - a must have in your every day shower care routine. 

The set comes with everything you need for your full 'Made For Body' shower experience.

This includes our

  • Dual Side Body Exfoliating Glove
  • Made For Body Scalp Massager
  • Made For Body Hair Towel 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Aki Guo
I’ve just reordered!!!

I kid you all not. I am genuine and sincere when I say….

The scalp massager IS SO AMAZING! The tips are firm but also gentle on the head. Using the scalp massage helped me realise how poor of a job I did washing my own hair… my hair is more voluminous, stays fresh for longer and I stopped getting bumps and acne on my hairline 🥹.

The exfoliating glove IS SO SATISFYING TO USEEEEEE. and it is painless!! I feel squeaky clean after every use! And I feel lighter :) as though I scrubbed off a 0.5kg of dead skins :)


Love the products!

Jessica Dominique
Cute set for my shower routine

Love how aesthetic everything looks in my bathroom. I use the products every day so it was definitely worth it! My skin is super smooth after regular exfoliating x

Vivien Garcia
Good shower set

Everything in the shower set works really well and arrived quickly. My favourite is the glove and hair towel. My shower routine has definitely upgraded after using their products!

Kenzie Roncales
One of my fav purchases this year

Such good products for the shower. I look forward to shower days now because everything feels so luxe while I know I’m doing something good for my hair and skin! Get this if you wanna glow up and start looking after yourself properly xx