How it started...

Our journey started upon realising there was a gap in the industry for simple and effective self-care products, that was designed to fit and be useful in our every day lives.

Although there seemed to be a product for everything - this just added to the problem. And overtime I saw my bathroom pile up with purchases bought over the years that had hardly been used.

We saw an opportunity to provide quality over quantity - staying true to our ethos 'Less, but better'. Because you really only need a few really good foundational products to have an amazing routine that works for you.

And so after a year of researching and testing out our designs amongst family and friends..

Made For Body was finally ready to be shared with the world.


Our mission

Welcome to our happy place. Our brand was founded with a single goal in mind;

To provide only the essentials for your body - But great ones that you'll reach for time and time again.

We’re self care enthusiasts and Made For Body is an embodiment of just that.

Whatever self care means for you, we want to be a part of that journey: supporting and nurturing the way you care for your body and skin. 

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